A radically new approach for developing precision medicines

For decades, scientists have known that understanding the language by which proteins communicate in vivo is fundamental to deciphering biology. Alterations in protein structures and their interactions are implicated in nearly every disease. Our unique discovery process starts with a rigorous identification of the optimal protein-protein complexes to target. Then, by imaging our targets at atomic resolution throughout the design process, we steer away from discovery dead ends, and towards progressively higher confidence therapeutics.

Unlocking biological mysteries with an AI-driven approach

Gandeeva’s technology includes three proprietary platform modules working in concert:
Our approach enables us to tackle a wide spectrum of targets ranging from allosteric proteins, protein-protein complexes, nucleic acid protein complexes to membrane proteins.

See Gandeeva’s platform in action

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Interdisciplinary insights to build better drugs

Our proprietary platform combines breakthrough technologies across chemistry, biology, imaging and machine learning. We visualize, measure and capture protein-protein and protein-drug interactions with unprecedented speed and resolution to precisely target disease-relevant proteins and influence their function.